Galius Sport Chamois Cream

Steven Davidson writes:


“I used to be a bit confused about the need for chamois cream, with a synthetic pad is there any need for it? The short answer is yes and getting a good I think is vital. I recently saw the Top Gear episode where they were cycling around London and Jeremy Clarkson went and bought some chamois cream and described it as rubbing toothpaste on his gentleman’s area, weirdly this made sense. A lot of chamois creams have perfumes in that are meant to make you feel fresh down there but actually they can sting and feel a little uncomfortable. The Galius chamois cream is different, it has a very slight scent but it’s only subtle.

The thing with the cream is that it’s hard to say exactly why it does it well but it obviously does because you forget it’s there. It just does it’s job, it can be applied either to the pad or direct to the skin and you don’t need to use loads which means the tube lasts ages.

Obviously this is going to sound biased being a staff blog but I have used a few different chamois creams and I honestly think this is the  best one  on the market at the moment.”


Veho Muvi Pebble battery pack

Raleigh’s Ben Hillsdon writes:

“If you ride big distances you’ve probably worried about getting a flat battery on your phone, your Garmin or your lights. I certainly did on the 205 mile ‘Tommy Godwin’ rides we did earlier this year. I took one of these Pebble battery packs with me and it was a literally life-saver.


“I was able to keep my lights charged throughout the day and I was also able to continuously use the GPS mapping function on my Garmin. This battery pack was small enough to sit in a small bag on my crossbar with a short cable transferring power to the units on my handlebars.

“It was easy enough to charge up beforehand, it simply plugs into the mains power with a 3-pin plug and takes a few hours to reach maximum charge. Then it holds enough power to charge up iPhones multiple times with a simple LED flashing display to show how much power is has left.”

“I’ve since started using Pebble off the bike too, taking it on holiday or on work trips to act as a back up for keeping my iPhone or iPad charges. One of the most useful purchases I’ve made this year.” 

Find the product here on Raleigh’s website.

Selle Royal Supra saddle

Ben Hillsdon writes:

“I’ve been testing Selle Royal’s new Supra saddle with cut-away channel. The channel is designed to relieve pressure on your gentleman’s areas, which is a big plus point if you spend long days in the saddle.

“My first thoughts were that the saddle is a good light weight at 270g and the design is nice and sleek. The packaging is classy too and looks great in store.”


“The Supra is designed to give a sport riding position and has an flat anatomic design.

“Over short distance rides it’s hard to notice the difference between the Supra and the Seta saddle I was used to but after three hours or so the saddle really comes into its own. I didn’t get a numb sensation and found I could ride ‘on the rivet’ more.

“As with anything that makes cycling easier and less painful, it’s only when you go back to what you used to have that you notice the difference.

“I’d recommend this saddle if you want to tone down an area where pain is optional.”

The Selle Royal Supra saddle is available from Raleigh and all good stockists at £44.99. Check out the full range of Selle Royal saddles here.